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Maria- Eftychia Marentaki is a product designer​ specialized on teaching Applied Arts in General and Special Education Schools.
In 2002 she graduates as a Technician on Conservation and Restoration of Fine Arts and Antiquities. In 2008 wins the second prize award on ID design contest. In 2010 graduates TEI of Thessaly Dept. Wood Technology and Furniture Design (WFDT) while she wins an Excellence Award for the final project "Designing Scenographical objects for the act of Bernard Marie Koltes In the Solitude of Cotton Fields". In 2003 co-founds the brand Find my Tuesdays clothes-accessories that she designs and produce handmade clothes. From 2012 she teaches Applied Arts.
Her projects are introduced on Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation (MCF), on Alpha TV and on exhibitions like Design Lab Athens, World International Architecture Day, Onassis Foundation and more.


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